Part of the Community: reason why I am glad Community is back!

From this you would tell that I am a huge community fan, for people who don’t know what community is, well it has to be one of the best comedies around but it got cancelled, I know that doesn’t sound convincing but it wasn’t cancelled because it was bad or a rubbish show it was cancelled because of viewing figures (like everything in america) I don’t know why it wasn’t get the viewing figures (I know it doesn’t sound convincing still but believe me it is really good) maybe effort was put into more “reliable” comedies, by effort what I mean is promoting and adverts, even the cast tried really hard via twitter to promote the show.

lucky for yahoo has now picked up community form NBC to stream on the internet (which is great because the internet is a whole new playing field and less curl than TV) this is obviously great news for their loyal fans (and hopefully for future fans that could get into the show)

What makes community stand out form the other “generic” american comedies is that it is much more thoughtful and is head and shoulders smarter than the others (Some could say “ow but big bang is clever because they are scientist… that’s not what I meant…shut up)

What I do mean they first the dialogue and jokes are more original then the millionth dick joke in two and a half men or the fat jokes in mike and molly (which is still going strong…well I am not sure about mike and molly but who cares) Community use of meta humour is the best I have seen used in a comedy series!

This is also due to the great

Community strength is the way they do visual comedy better than the others around (also including you big bang) they find a way to change up something you seen a million times and this is what makes this stand out (with help of abed that helps explain it along the way as a helper of the viewer) also stories behind the characters the best example is when abed (a character in the show) plays out his own story in the background when he befriends a pregnant women then through the episode you see the story playout then towards the end of the episode he ends up delivering the baby all in the background of the story, another example that I totally missed at first and even the second time is again meta humour but this is through the whole series of community it occurs when one of characters says beetlejuice for the third time in series as it is muttered an extra wearing a beetlejuice outfit casually walks past.

This is also helped by the great writing of the show especially Dan Harmon but the execution of his words by the brilliantly cast actors who are Joe Mchale as Jeff, Allison Brie as Annie, Danni Pudi as the brilliant abed, Donald Glover (no relation to Danny) as Troy (who has one of the best bromances ever caught on camera with abed) Gillan Jacobs as Britta, Yvette Nicole Brown as the motherly Shirley and then Chavy Chase as Pierce but also look out for the supporting cast to steal the show like the oscar winning Jim Rash and the brilliant Ken Jong.

There is brilliant video on visual comedy that is a must much on vimeo (because it is on vimeo you can tell someone took the effort to actually make this) here is the link

Community also has the balls to experiment maybe this was because they where on the verge of being cancelled that they just said F*** they hate us anyway lets do it, this is where community blossomed because (this is a great list)

  • Zombie holloween episode
  • Christmas clay animation
  • A musical episode
  • A episode all in a video game (that is really awesome)
  • Puppets
  • floor lava
  • ass crack bandit/the law and order meta episode
  • six different timelines
  • the emperor chang episodes
  • And the best of all… the best of all the paint ball episode

I am also most likely forgetting some but these are the ones that I have enjoyed the most and now I can now we can look forward to more form this crazy world.


Night At The Museum !

Yesterday I was working at Cardiff museum (I have never been there before yesterday and I have to say it is a lovely place) at an event hosted by the company Airbus (I think) and the first half of the day was speakers coming in to talk to children and try and get them interested in science, one talker was named doctor Lewney (yea that was his real name…bit of a weird one) who played electric guitar to use that as an example to show off science! or to show off?! another speaker was something to do with rivers and the other gave his life story and the last one was a science rapper (yes a rapper) and he did a set of him rapping about the sun and other science subjects.

During the talks my job was to mic all the speakers up ready to go on to the stage (the museum has a real nice theatre section) I was kind of nervous before every speaker went on to talk because I was worried that the equipment wouldn’t work (even though I checked it like four times) but to my relief they all worked, I also had other jobs helping with the cameras and running things about, after what was I thought not a bad set of speakers, the senior crew of orchard abandoned us to go and film Gareth Bale for the Cardiff euro 2020 bid and to be honest I would of dumped and run to for the chance for that! (I am really gutted I didn’t get to go)

So this left me one camera man (Neil) and production assistant (Prys) all on our lonesome for the repeat performance of the speakers. I have to say we nailed it this was a different kind of deal the second time around, we needed to get reactions of the kids and some different variation of shots of the speakers, was all over the place helping with equipment and giving out shot ideas just being helpful, once the mourning we could just sit and eat while we waited for the main event.

during the down time we found out Doctor Who was filming in the museum too, I was tempted to go and try and blend in with the crew and sneak about! (it’s safe to say I did not do that)

The night came and we gained our senior staff form the Gareth Bale shoot (which went really well…still gutted I didn’t go!) so this night event is a dinner for big wigs to mingle and drink free champagne, most of the just were politicians and business men all wearing tailored suits and fancy bowties (I felt slightly under dressed in my jeans and orchard polo shirt) my next job was to assist the camera man with a portal light (and trying to blind all the big wigs) I also keeping track of the guest that we haven’t filmed yet and trying to spot the guests having discussion about art. (Ow yeah and trying to find fancy looking shots!)

Once the guest finished bottles of free champagne they headed down to the theatre area (joined by students) where they had a guest speaker in Doctor Roberts, she has been on a lot of documentaries, one of her documentaries I watched in college while studying that genre (it was called the journey of us on the BBC) after what I thought was a great lecture/talk the Q and A started and my job was run about with the Mic so they could ask questions (my mic skills were amazing…so good I could be a rapper…ok maybe not)

The end of the talk was to signal the start of their fancy dinner this gave us a chance to go and get a bit to eat ourselves (which was a lovely pizza…that was paid on petty cash!) after the launch my next job was to help carry stuff and set up the awesome looking rig which I had play with and it was class!

Overall I had a great experience at this event really hands on with equipment so I am just looking forward to more

Storytelling: A Disney/Pixar Perspective

great tips!

Lynette Noni

My amazing publishers, Pantera Press, uploaded a post the other day titled: Pixar’s 22 Rules for Great Storytelling. Some of the ‘rules’ are so inspirational that I just have to share them with you all. (And, hey, you know how much I love anything even remotely Disney-related!).

You can click on the link above to read the entire post (and see where all the info comes from). Otherwise, enjoy these true storytelling gems! My favourites are numbers 6, 13 and (especially) 19. Have a read and let me know which ones you like best!


Aren’t they awesome? I certainly think so!

If you’re interested, you can follow my publishers on Facebook by clicking here.

You can also follow me by clicking here.

Thanks again (as always) for reading!

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In Your Eyes

I Loved this film worth a watch

Films and Things

In-Your-Eyes_web_CSIn Your Eyes follows two people who have never met but fall in love when they realise their bizarre psychic connection. Although living totally opposite lives, both Rebecca (Zoe Kazan) and Dylan (Michael Stahl-David) have been connected since they were kids, experiencing inexplicable feelings and hearing each others voices, seemingly in their minds. When they finally realise that they are both two very real people, the pair strike up a relationship and both are able to escape their less than satisfying lives.

In the digital age, the prospect of falling in love with someone you’ve never met is sadly not that far fetched and is a theme that’s being explored more and more in romantic movies. In Your Eyes does in-your-eyes-main-reviewsomething very similar to Spike Jonze‘s Her except in this case both people are actually real. However because of the reliance on a weird, inexplicable and…

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Photo Shooting

Yesterday I went on my first photo-shoot, to be honest I was expecting the norm with us just filming little segments of the product but to my surprise it wasn’t.

The product was from a company called Airbus, they specialise in emergency services equipment such as the police walky talky things (I don’t know what they are really called)

The models (who were lovely people by the way) where from this agency where they are extras for shows like casualty and many many shows like that, they looked like the real police all the right equipment, even the students at the atrium university thought they were real (That’s where the first shoot was if you didn’t clock that) so everything was set to do the shoot but my first job of the day was to defend all valuables while they went outside to shoot, so there I was like a rabid dog defending the equipment, lucky for me they wasn’t long but I did make a friend in a student who does animation (or was it graphic design)

After the police shoot in the uni we moved to a more urban place in Cardiff which turned out to be under a bridge near the Hilton, this time we were taking photos with covert (Undercover) equipment which to my disappointment was nothing like the movies apart from the ear piece part (Which was cool, I wanted to have a go safe to say I wasn’t allowed) so my next job was kind of something along the lines of costume department because I help assemble the vest (which was a pain) and other little bits of equipment onto the new model who was Calvin (who again was a great guy)

This time I was a bit more hands on by helping with lens which my I add were huge for photos (I am sure one was as long as my head…and I have a big head)

I got to say I really enjoyed my first photo-shoot and I was with a great team of people that gave me good advice and hopefully I can go out again next Monday to do my second photo shoot.

The Pixar Theory

Jon Negroni

Every Pixar movie is connected. I explain how, and possibly why.

Several months ago, I watched a fun-filled video on that introduced the idea (at least to me) that all of the Pixar movies actually exist within the same universe. Since then, I’ve obsessed over this concept, working to complete what I call “The Pixar Theory,” a working narrative that ties all of the Pixar movies into one cohesive timeline with a main theme.

This theory covers every Pixar production since Toy Story. That includes:

  • A Bug’s Life
  • Toy Story 2
  • Monsters Inc.
  • Finding Nemo
  • The Incredibles
  • Cars
  • Ratatouille
  • Wall-E
  • Up
  • Toy Story 3
  • Cars 2
  • Brave
  • Monsters University

The point of this theory is to have fun and exercise your imagination while simultaneously finding interesting connections between these fantastic movies. If you hate fun and/or imagination, you probably won’t like this theory.

[SIDE NOTE: All text in…

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Something About Rugby?

Yesterday I was working at the beautiful millennium stadium, I didn’t know much about what I was filming apart it was a similar job as I did at the arts and business awards (Zoomer and focuser).

I arrived at the stadium, after the security check and signing in process I went up to the Presidents lounge, which was a good looking room and they managed to sneak in a full blown bar into the room (I am guessing it was the first requirement).

I was setting up my camera into to it’s position and then linking all the cables together so that the HUB can get a live stream form my camera, then I noticed the employees at the stadium were placing jars full of sweets onto the tables, I clocked the jars contained wine gums…I love wine gums! so this provided as huge distraction as I was planning how to get some without anyone noticing!

Once I had my free bacon roll (they didn’t offer me egg… they hated me!) we ran final checks on the equipment, after about ten minutes people started to arrive and sit at the tables.

Only when the first speaker was talking that I knew for sure it was something to do with rugby.

The whole thing was a staff conference for the WRU (Wales Rugby Union), so after the introduction of what was to come the first speaker came on to talk all about how welsh rugby was doing or something along the lines of that, the other was HR which I think everybody found boring and not just me. one thing I found funny from one power point one was called top threats, it listed the threats of WRU, the top one was Football which I don’t blame them it’s a much better sport! (sorry rugby fans but go support your club)

Lucky for me a coffee break came along after a long power point so this gave me a chance to sit down, I had a chance to look over the schedule for the rest of the day, one name stood out at me, I asked a fellow colleague “why does the name Warren Gatland sound familiar” he looked at me confused and said “he is the welsh coach” this didn’t help picture but I understood who he was (while this conversion happened, it turns out he was getting his mic attached not far away form me)

We got back under way, there was a lot more presentations on the new pitch at the stadium, one was also was for the update on premiership rugby (I didn’t even know they had Premiership).

The main event started with Warren Gatland, which was a Q and A session with him, for this I had to mix between mid shots, close ups and then a two shot of warren and the interviewer, to any huge rugby fan this q and a might of been awesome because he was discussing like a lot of rugby things but for me it was over my head and his words fell on deaf ears.

Warren’s interview was the last thing so after that we packed up and left what I think was a successful job, only thing I left thinking was why couldn’t it be football!

Arts And Business Awards 2014

Last Friday the stage was set at the Wales millennium Centre for the 21st Arts And Business Awards.

The stage of the WMC had all their fancy ware out and looked like they spared no expense (I think, I couldn’t tell) the tables was set out with two forks and three knifes (Don’t ask I don’t get why). the flowers were the centre piece of the tables big and fancy looking things, they ended up being a bane of the technical crew by blocking the view of the screens. Also the goody bags were filled with odds and ends (Including a lovely looking Orchard mug, we like to contribute) including chicken liver patte and a teddy bear (I had a nose).

I wasn’t there for fun, I was there to help out and work. My job at first was to help set up, this included running cables and placing the cameras in the position they are meant to be. Once everything was in place the testing of the equipment began, after lunch (which I had a Subway paid for me) we ran more test on the equipment and ironed out the creases.

Next came the rehearsal, this was our chance to get the pace of the event, my job for the rest of the night was to sit in my second tier nest like a hawk, I had to make sure I got the winners and presenters while they were walking up to the stage by zooming in on them and making sure the camera was ok on focus (I nailed it, just to let you know)

An hour after the rehearsal the time came for the real thing, people started to roll in and eat their dinner (which looked tiny portion) and settle at the tables and celebrities were all present (I say celebrity but I didn’t know most of them, one was that welsh opera gut who has been milking the x factor thing for years, the guy who won that show on BBC once to be the next Jason Donovan, a artist of some sort, someone who pretended to be a doctor or a nurse, someone who was on changing rooms a long time ago and I have forgotten the rest).

The event started with a circus act, the act was a women rope dancing (that’s a thing) everyone seemed to enjoy it but I couldn’t see it as I was up in my nest, the music started and the presenters come out and did their thing.

The night ran smoothly and without hitches and the team I was with were the best and it was the great experience

Completing Units

This is my first post for a while on WordPress, not because I am lazy, it’s more like I have been busy as a bee behind on his honey quota.

For the past two weeks I have been back at good old Cyfle working on my units, which I need to complete to finish my apprenticeship wand to gain the qualification AIM (the bad guys off Iron Man) and creative skillset are offering.

Working on these units takes me back to the days of college (college was a lot more fun!).

I worked on five units during the two weeks (also a course to make my own business) the five are:

  • Awareness of employment in the media sector
  • Health and safety
  • Work in interactive media
  • prepare assets
  • Design Development

Some of these are not at all interesting… I let you guess which ones.

After a lot of hard work I completed them, then they would get marked and come back to me basically saying ‘my god! your grammar is disgusting’ (just to but it out there they really didn’t say this…exactly)

After working and many, many drafts I am glad to say that I completed all the units that I needed to do!

Now I have my in work units to work on…how lovely.