Photo Shooting

Yesterday I went on my first photo-shoot, to be honest I was expecting the norm with us just filming little segments of the product but to my surprise it wasn’t.

The product was from a company called Airbus, they specialise in emergency services equipment such as the police walky talky things (I don’t know what they are really called)

The models (who were lovely people by the way) where from this agency where they are extras for shows like casualty and many many shows like that, they looked like the real police all the right equipment, even the students at the atrium university thought they were real (That’s where the first shoot was if you didn’t clock that) so everything was set to do the shoot but my first job of the day was to defend all valuables while they went outside to shoot, so there I was like a rabid dog defending the equipment, lucky for me they wasn’t long but I did make a friend in a student who does animation (or was it graphic design)

After the police shoot in the uni we moved to a more urban place in Cardiff which turned out to be under a bridge near the Hilton, this time we were taking photos with covert (Undercover) equipment which to my disappointment was nothing like the movies apart from the ear piece part (Which was cool, I wanted to have a go safe to say I wasn’t allowed) so my next job was kind of something along the lines of costume department because I help assemble the vest (which was a pain) and other little bits of equipment onto the new model who was Calvin (who again was a great guy)

This time I was a bit more hands on by helping with lens which my I add were huge for photos (I am sure one was as long as my head…and I have a big head)

I got to say I really enjoyed my first photo-shoot and I was with a great team of people that gave me good advice and hopefully I can go out again next Monday to do my second photo shoot.