Moving On…

This is my first blog post for a long time! ( well in fact the first one this year) it has been a crazy end of the year!

The end of the year saw me finish and pass my long awaited apprenticeship (which I think I passed with flying colours) I have to say the modules was hard at times (even though I did lie my way through it for the best part) I am glad to say that my hard work did pay off, I did have great support form everyone at Cyfle ( that’s the company I did my apprenticeship with by the way)

With the end of the modules and the crying meant that my time at the company I was with had to end too! I had an amazing time at Orchard! Yes I was gutted I had to leave but hey that what happens, they gave me a great foothold that can help further myself in this career choice, the experience I have gained was just nothing I though would happen! (Please check my other post for more in depth detail… I am saying that just because I could do with more views…we have all been there… I think) I would like to thank everyone there at Orchard for a great time.

Now every has settled down, I am now testing the waters and trying to catch a media job that I worked hard to try and get, this is not as easy as I thought! (Well it wasn’t going to be easy anyway) I am asking around for work experience to help advance my chances (So hopefully this will)

We will see what the future holds! I may have to take a break for media just to make a little bit of money? I can accept that! Saying that I do have a ton load of ideas I want write down and try to make (maybe the idea list maybe a whole different post)

until next time then…


Mass Effect: Fan Fiction

Mass Effect: Universe

This is fiction and based in the universe of the popular game series Mass Effect. It follows a young alliance trooper named Jack Rhodes.

This is a little thing I wrote a couple of years back.

Entry One:

Hello my name is Jack Rhodes… I am kind of new to all this military diaries, but my commander suggest that we do these so that we don’t lose yourself and its their to remind you of who you are …but personally I just think he doesn’t want us to keep talking to him cause he is one annoying son of a bitch, he hates us all, I will quote him ‘you are all faceless drones in a game of chess I am playing” well I tell you right now I am shit at chess.

I have a list of questions I have to answer in these things… It says its for morale but again I think it’s here just to piss me off or just say why you joined the alliance and more bullshit like that.

So lets start things off… Well you know my name I was born on May 7th 2167 I was orphaned at an early age my father fought in the first contact war and died by a hand of a Turian, he was part of the N7 operation that invaded Turian invested Shanxi he was partnered with his friend Jack Harper on Shanxi and died in the temple Palaven, I know this because all I had left from my father was his dog tags accompanied with a letter telling me this information.

Then my mother was a fantastic scientist… people all around the galaxies would come to her to look at things form every corner of the galaxy, she was invited to go to mission with some marines to Akuse but she never came back, a man from the alliance came to me and told me that they got wiped out by a thresher maw… that is one horrible way to go.

The alliance took me in and looked after me and trained me up until I was old enough to join, I can remember I did not want to be here the military, it has taken both my mother and father I did not want it to take me.

I remember when I changed my view on everything, I was 16 not to long in fact, a disaster happen on Eden Prime the people there died form something… I wasn’t really sure of what it was but I saw the reports in which I had to break into the office of my commander to hack into the computer, come on what kind of password is ALLIANCE12345, I saw that a man named Shepard a crew man of the Normandy went there and witnessed and survived whatever was down there then two words that stood out at me form the report was Reaper and Protheans, to me they were legends and story’s my mother use to tell me about in bed, yes I know they are not normal stories for a child I loved them, that was when I decided that I was needed at help defend Earth…in case they were real.

Jack out

All That Jazz!

“I left Brecon Jazz with a new appreciation for jazz this weekend!”

– Ciaran Hiscox (some guy that looks weird sometimes) 

I found filming Brecon Jazz a great experience personally and professionally, this was the first time I have attended this event but I have heard great things about the past ones that I was really excited to attend and work there.

Brecon is a lovely little place, add this with festival where the weird and wonderful people come out of their holes to add a special twist to Brecon (one which was a man dressed as a nun driving around with a portable piano acting really strange and playing the Trainspotting song at people drinking which was hilarious)

Our first mission of Brecon was to film Burt Bacharach (since he was the only one preforming on Thursday), if you are around my age? don’t worry I haven’t heard of either but you defiantly heard the songs he penned which include Raindrops and What’s new pussy cat and many more, we tested the cameras on the sound check which we ironed out some problems then came the main event.

I had a great view of the whole stage from my stripper podium (here I would spend most of my time in Brecon) Burt Bacharach came out looking like Yoda form empire accompanied by three back up singers, which did most of the singing but they all were very good and they got the crowd going with the classics and in fairness it was a really enjoyable hour half.

Friday rolled around and this time it was a Jazz band thing? called Loose Tubes the leader who’s name was Django led his men to the stage to my surprise there was about thirty of them on stage at once, now this was chaos to film because we was trying to work out who is playing what and where they were, after the first twenty minutes we had were on a roll getting into the swing of things then right at the end they came off stage and into the audience. To be honest Loose Tubes wasn’t my musical cup of tea but I could see that the audience was really into it and getting into mood especially when they got into the crowd.

Saturday was a totally different the stalls were out in force with welsh cakes galore (along with many great food!) this day was really heavy on filming this gave a chance to go out with a Z1 and film the streets which included walking slinkies, tap dancing turkeys, angels riding about on thing under his dress (Yeah I know kinda weird but a lot of fun!) After the fun of the streets I teamed up with another camera man to rush place to place in Brecon (The festival was across six locations which where a tent in a parking lot, a beautiful cathedral, market hall, guild hall, Christ college and then Brecon theatre)

After the run around we got to the main event, which was Laura Mvula, who I have heard of and liked two of her songs and the she did with tinie tempah! she did her whole set in sound check which we again tested the cameras out. The time came for her to preform but before her she had a support act who was really good and she got a packed market hall warmed up for Laura. She came out to a huge applause, her set seem to fly by, her songs went down well and she got everyone up and moving which was great for the cameras, this wrapped Saturday up in a nice bundle as I really enjoyed her and her music( she is second in my list of performers from the festival)

Sunday started with a down pour of rain but this did not set the tone of the day, Sunday was like Saturday in that we had to run around place to place filming bits of the artists but during the rushing I came across The Remi Harris gypsy jazz project at guild hall which was amazing! they sounded beautiful for the instrumental then they invited this women out to sing and her voice mixed with the music was just prefect for the ears, I wished I could of stayed for the whole thing but duty called and we had to run off leaving the number on on my list of performers.

Gregory Porter was the closing act of Brecon Jazz, everything was set up, the stage looked nice, the show started but I was distracted by Gregory’s snood thing around his head and that led me thinking ‘Why?’ (If you get a chance just look him up and see it’s weird) but this didn’t distract me for long because his music did instead, he had a great voice and good songs and it was quite easy to film (well compared to Loose Tubes it was and because of this he is third in my list).

The show finished with a standing applause which was well deserved, the audience left with smiles on their faces and I left with a great experience under my belt, I worked with great people and met lovely people on my journeys.