Mass Effect: Fan Fiction

Mass Effect: Universe

This is fiction and based in the universe of the popular game series Mass Effect. It follows a young alliance trooper named Jack Rhodes.

This is a little thing I wrote a couple of years back.

Entry One:

Hello my name is Jack Rhodes… I am kind of new to all this military diaries, but my commander suggest that we do these so that we don’t lose yourself and its their to remind you of who you are …but personally I just think he doesn’t want us to keep talking to him cause he is one annoying son of a bitch, he hates us all, I will quote him ‘you are all faceless drones in a game of chess I am playing” well I tell you right now I am shit at chess.

I have a list of questions I have to answer in these things… It says its for morale but again I think it’s here just to piss me off or just say why you joined the alliance and more bullshit like that.

So lets start things off… Well you know my name I was born on May 7th 2167 I was orphaned at an early age my father fought in the first contact war and died by a hand of a Turian, he was part of the N7 operation that invaded Turian invested Shanxi he was partnered with his friend Jack Harper on Shanxi and died in the temple Palaven, I know this because all I had left from my father was his dog tags accompanied with a letter telling me this information.

Then my mother was a fantastic scientist… people all around the galaxies would come to her to look at things form every corner of the galaxy, she was invited to go to mission with some marines to Akuse but she never came back, a man from the alliance came to me and told me that they got wiped out by a thresher maw… that is one horrible way to go.

The alliance took me in and looked after me and trained me up until I was old enough to join, I can remember I did not want to be here the military, it has taken both my mother and father I did not want it to take me.

I remember when I changed my view on everything, I was 16 not to long in fact, a disaster happen on Eden Prime the people there died form something… I wasn’t really sure of what it was but I saw the reports in which I had to break into the office of my commander to hack into the computer, come on what kind of password is ALLIANCE12345, I saw that a man named Shepard a crew man of the Normandy went there and witnessed and survived whatever was down there then two words that stood out at me form the report was Reaper and Protheans, to me they were legends and story’s my mother use to tell me about in bed, yes I know they are not normal stories for a child I loved them, that was when I decided that I was needed at help defend Earth…in case they were real.

Jack out


Stories done right: Reinventing Storytelling??

During the last couple of months I have experienced the best story telling in years! it didn’t come through TV or Netflix or even a movie but through a video game!

I think video games have grown in quality in the last years especially with the plots (also with graphics etc) but this wasn’t some big huge block buster game like Call of duty but from an arcade game that comes in episodes (like a TV series but every month).

Telltale are the brilliant company that provided me with this amazing experience through a video game (Something that I have hardly experienced before with games, apart of the fantastic RPG games you get to play like Dragon age and Mass effect series) This video game is not like the others I have played it felt to me more like an interactive short film (in a way?) that really got me into the stories.

Telltale have not just made just a one-off, it all started with the The Walking Dead (which has nothing to do with the TV programme) which had a comic book style feel to it, what made this really entertaining was the fact that you could make your own choices, which really made you engage with the characters that you encounter (I know this is not ground breaking picking what you say but these are your choices that do actually do make a difference) with making your choices other characters will react different to you and remember past events which could make someone live or day.

At the heart of this story is the dynamic duo that is Lee and Clementine one is convict and the other an orphan they are what keeps each other going during this zombie infected wasteland of Macon (and other locations). Lee and Clem is what makes this game what it is (including great supporting characters by the way) they have this great father daughter relationship that moves the story onwards in strides, What Telltale did well was that it was about the human aspect and not all about zombies and just killing them (yes! you do kill many in different and cool ways but that’s not the point) I am not going to spoil anything because I don’t want to take away anything and just want you to play this game because the ending made me cry… yes cry because it was one hell of an ending! (still not spoiling it!)

After that… what could Telltale do next to fellow this triumph? they bring out The Wolf Among Us (which is based of the comics Fables) this time you are the big bad wolf from the fairy tales, believe me this is nothing like the fairy tales you knew, basically the Fables have been forced out of their homeland and ended up in a section of New York called Fable Town here all the fables live (not happily ever after neither, not giving to much away again because it is just the best).

This is where you come in as the big bad wolf, named Bigby, you are the sheriff of Fable Town and you keep things in order because you are the big bad wolf of course! as you had a little taste of what the game is about the story here is just as good or even better than the walking dead (in my opinion) this is the same game play as the walking dead but yet feels so different to its predecessor, the comic book animation is still there but it feels more film noir and darker (considering it is a crime/mystery)

The character you play Bigby it feels you have more control of him and can mould him the way you want, you can go with him trying to reinvent himself as a changed man or you can give in to the wolf inside, which makes great options for the player, I have recently finished the game and I think this could be worthy of a TV series and not just worthy but it would make a great show that could be up there!

What is next for Telltale? well they are on their last episode of the walking season 2 which is living one to the first series in many different and wonderful ways, yet the most exciting thing for me is that they are going to do the epic Game Of Thrones! which could have the potential to be better than the walking and the wolf among us! (hopefully it will be). Not forgetting they are making tales from the borderlands which could be really good just hope it doesn’t get over shadowed by Game Of Thrones.

It’s safe to say that the future of Telltale is very bright!