And The Oscar Goes To…

Hello, yes it has been a long time since I have posted on here, a very long time, Sorry? well since that is out of the way, I thought what else but the glitz and glamour of the Oscars to ease myself back into this by giving my predictions on who I want to win and because my opinion is kinda irrelevant I am going to say who might actually win.

Writing- Original Screenplay

Nominations- Inside Out- Straight Outta Compton- Bridge Of Spies- Spotlight-Ex Machina

Original Screenplay is filled with great movies, I think this is a tough one to predict as they are strong contenders, inside out was a great piece of work from pixar, this showed everyone that they can still produce high end family fun films but I don’t think the academy will give this to an animation. The others are all neck and neck with each other in quality wise as they are all well written.

I want the winner to be Ex Machina (as it has one of my favourite films of last year) , as this low budget sci-fi knocked it out of the park, with performances, the directing and importantly the writing, as I think the film would of fallen flat if not for a well written screenplay, this is always in my opinion the underdog but who doesn’t love an underdog

As me trying to think like the academy I am going to say they will pick the Bridge Of Spies, as this is something they would normally favour as it is a Steven Spielberg film and stars a wholesome star in Tom Hanks, this is like a safe bet for them. (hopefully they are wrong and pick Ex Machina, not bias here I promise, or turn everything on its head maybe they could pick Straight Outta Compton to seem more diverse)

Winner- Bridge Of Spies

Bridge of Spies

Writing- Adapted Screenplay

Nominations-The Big Short- Room (not THE room, that is a totally different film)- Brooklyn- Carol- The Martian

Here again is filled with great films, I am going to be honest I have not seen Brooklyn and Carol but I have heard good things about them but for the purpose of these predictions i am going to say it is a three horse race between The Big Short, which was a non-fiction book adapted to become a film about the housing crisis. Room which is about a young mother and her son living in what is basically a shed (I am not doing the film any justice with that explanation, I don’t want to spoil anything) this adapted form a book of the same name. Then The Martian again adapted from a book of the same name, is castaway meets Apollo 13 but without Tom Hanks.

Lucky for me both who I want and who I think will intertwine here because I think Room will win, as far as I know it stays close to the original material. the screenplay I think had to be good as for part of the film it is just the mother and son inside a shed, without out a great screenplay this part of the film would of bored the audience but it grips you with how they both cope with day to day life.

Winner – Room


Visual Effects

Nominations- Star Wars: The Force Awakens- Mad Max: Fury Road-Ex Machina-The Martian- The Revenant

First I am going to say that Ex Machina is not going to win this one, as the other films are far better visual effects wise. It is tough to call with this one as the films use their big budgets with great effect, first The Martian effects made you feel in was Mars and that everything Matt Damon character did was life and death. While The Revenant bear scene was just brutal (there are more Visual Effects it is just my favourite one). Then there is Mad Max the craziness that the savage wasteland look so brutal yet so good at the same time. Then Star Wars, anyone that knows me knows I love Star Wars, the Visual Effects I am glad to say was way better than 1 to 3.

Of course I want to see Star Wars win the Oscar!

Mind over heart, I have to give this one too Mad Max as everything just looked crazy and brilliantly awesome at the sometime.

Winner Mad Max: Fury Road


Sound Mixing

Nominations-Bridge Of Spies- Mad Max: Fury Road- Star Wars: The Force Awakens- The Martian- The Revenant

As I don’t know much about this topic it would be really unfair for me to judge them, I think the sound in all the films are good (I am really grasping for something here).

Since this is not my area of expertise I am just going to say Star Wars for the win!


Sound Editing

Nominations-Star Wars: The Force Awakens- Mad Max: Fury Road- The Martian- The Revenant- Sicario

To shadow what I said for Sound Mixing just Star Wars! wooooo


Short Film (live action)

Nominations- Ave Marie- Day One- Everything Will Be Okay- Shok- Stutter

So this is tough for me not just because I haven’t seen or heard of any of these short films, it is also because I don’t have a clue where to watch them, so this is just going to be guessing work now guys I am going to go with stutter because the poster has a look of the social network about it and I liked that film so that’s my logic.


Short Film (Animation)

Nominations- Bear Story- Prologue- Sanjay’s Super Team- We Can’t Live Without Cosmos- World Of Tomorrow

Again not heard or seen any of these but everyone there is one called Sanjay’s Super Team which sounds right up my street!

So Sanjay’s Super Team is going to win! (Maybe)

Sanjay's super team

Production Design

Nominations- The Revenant- The Martian- The Danish Girl- Bridge Of Spies- Mad Max Fury Road

This is going to be hard fought as I think the films nominated did a great job with production design The Danish Girl did look and feel like it was in Copenhagen 1926. Then the revenant did the same but I think they did a better job at showing the harsh environment and what it takes to survive (poor horse). The Production on The Martian was great, it felt and what could be a realistic ways to survive on Mars if it ever happened, from NASA to the lonely terrain of Mars everything was believable. from believable to the land of the crazies Mad Max everything with the production was spot on to make this as good as it was going to be, with great chases and fight scenes, it was done beautifully.

I would like to see Mad Max win this one.

I think the Oscar would go to the revenant in this close battle for this Oscar, just for effort everybody behind and in front of the camera to make this happen.

Winner- The Revenant


Music (Original song)

Nominations- “Earned It” fifty shades of grey- “Manta Ray” from Racing Extinction- “Simple Song #3” from Youth- “Til It Happens To You” Hunting Grounds- “Writing’s On The Wall” from Spectre.

This one is tricky for me as I have only heard The weekends Earned it and Sam Smiths bond song, so like before to be fair I have to pick between them (As it is only fair) so since Bond has a better reputation then Fifty Shades, I am going to go with Sam Smith.

Winner- Writing’s On The Wall


Music (original score)

Nominations- The Hateful Eight- Bridge Of Spies- Carol- Sicario- Star Wars: The Force Awakens

You can say this is bias but it was to be Star Wars? John Williams? when that score kicks in the hairs on the back of my neck didn’t know what the hell hit them, it was amazing. I do have to say the other films, have great scores I just it is hard to compete with Stars Wars here and I think and hope the voting body of the Oscars agree with me.

Winner- Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Hair And Makeup

Nominations- Mad Max: Fury Road- The Revenant- The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared

First I don’t have a clue what The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared (or hardcore fans call it THYOWCOOTWAD) is? I have not heard of it so it would unfair to judge it. On the other hand I think it would be hard to compete with these heavy hitters, Mad Max hair and makeup just looked like they just a good time because everyone looks great (well for wasteland standards). Then the Revenant again continues to be the favourite for many of the awards, I think it is on par with Mad Max but because of the more realistic tone I think it could take the gold.

I would like to see Mad Max take the gong.

I think the academy will go with The revenant.

Winner- The Revenant


Foreign Language Film

Nominations- Embrace The Serpent (Columbia) – Mustang (France) – Son Of Soul (Hungary) – Theeb (Jordan) – A War (Denmark)

Just like the short films, I have no idea about these, so this will be logically guessing at best. I am going to go with the French Film Mustang

Winner- Mustang


Film Editing

Nominations – The Big Short- The Revenant- Mad Max: Fury Road- Star Wars: The Force Awakens- Spotlight

I personally enjoy the editing style of The Big Short, that could just be my personal taste, yet the action sequences in Mad Max, was pulse rising. Then on the other hand The Revenant seems more hands on and that you are with and struggling with the character.

I would like this award go to Hank Corwin and The Big Short

Yet I think the award will be handed out Stephan Mirrione for The Revenant

Winner – The Revenant


Documentary Short

Nominations- Body Team 12- Chau, Beyond The Lines- Claude Lanzmann: Spectres Of The Shoah- A Girl In A River: The Price Of Forgiveness- Last Day Of Freedom

Again I am struggling because I have not seen or again heard of any of these (that makes me sound terrible believe I am not that bad, at time) so again logically guessing hear.

Winner- Last Day Of Freedom

last day of freedom

Documentary Feature

Nominations-Amy- Cartel Land-The Look Of Silence- What Happened Miss Simone?-  Winter On Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom

There is only one of these Documentaries I have seen and to be honest the one I have seen would be hard to top, I am talking about Amy. The documentary shows how bad it was for and the people around her, it makes you feel for Amy Winehouse and what talent she had.

Winner- Amy



Nomantions- Adam McKay (The Big Short)- Lenny Abrahamson (Room)- George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road)- Tom McCarthy (Spotlight)- Alejandro G Inarritu

First off I just have to say what a journey Adam McKay, before The Big Short, the last film he directed was the Anchorman squeal, for his first venture out of the comedy genre (that I know of) he gets an Oscar nod, well played. I thought Room was a great film with a kinda unknown director at the helm with Lenny (he did direct a film called frank which I really enjoyed, worth a watch at least) he really showed off his talent and this is a gateway for him to go and do better things, I think if another director was in charge it might not have been as good. George Miller made the best action film of this year, or even one of the best in the last decade, the way did the case scenes and the action was fantastic, a worthy nod for him. Tom McCarthy has more acting credits than directing ones, similar the McKay the last film he came off directing was The Cobbler, which is an Adam Sandlar (do I have to say more?) so coming from that to a very serious film with the way he did is great. Inarritu is looking to make two in the row and he has to be favourite do so, The Revenant is not short a masterpiece, the way he filmed the Indians attacking at the beginning of the film to brutal and dramatic finish, he really nails the need to survive and the quest of vengeance. I am very surprised not to see Ridley Scott among the nominations for The Martian, I think that is one of the big snubs

Winner- Alejandro G Inarritu


Costume Design

Nominations- The Danish Girl- Cinderella- Carol- Mad Max: Fury Road- The Revenant

Like I said earlier The Danish Girl did a fantastic job of really looking the part, while I cant say much about Cinderella as I have not seen it, same can be said about Carol but if I go off what the trailer has showed me it looks great. As many of these awards it seems to be Mad Max and The Revenant going head to head.

This time I think Mad Max will come out victorious and the academy while think the same.

Winner: Mad Max: Fury Road



Nominations- Mad Max Fury Road- The Revenant- Carol-Sicario- The Hateful Eight

First thing I have to say is that all these films look great, so well done to the cinematographers on these films, I don’t know who you are but great jobs. It is hard to look past Mad Max and The Revenant for this to, yet with an outside bet could be The Hateful Eight.

Winner The Revenant (This might be two in a row for the cinematographer who worked with Inarritu last year for Birdman? don’t quote me that)


Animated Feature Film

Nominations-Anomalisa- Boy and The World- Inside Out- Shaun The Sheep Movie- When Marnie Was Here

I am going to be honest I think this is just going to be two horse race between, Anomalia (which I have heard amazing things about) and Inside Out, as you know this is pixar at their very best.

I want Anomalisa to be the winner.

For some reason I just think they are going to give it to Inside Out

Winner- Inside Out


Best Supporting Actress

Nominations- Jennifer Jason Liegh (The Hateful Eight) Rooney Mara (Carol) – Rachel McAdams (Spotlight)- Alica Vikander (The Danish Girl)- Kate Winslet (Steve Jobs)

This is a tough, every actress competing here are very talented, it is great to see Rachel McAdams break from a typecast of just a lead in a rom-com. Kate Winslet again gives a great performance in Steve Jobs but I think the stand out one for me has to Alica Vikander, what a year she has had playing Ava in Ex Machina and then a stand performance Gerda in the Danish Girl.

I would love to see Alica take home the gold.

I think the academy are going to disagree and send home Kate Winslet as the winner.


Best Supporting Actor

Nominations- Christian Bale (The Big Short)- Mark Ruffalo (Spotlight)- Tom Hardy (The Revenant) Mark Rylance (Bridge Of Spies)- Slyvester Stallone (Creed)

Well, this is just so much talent, Christian Bale is fantastic as the one eyed, and shoes wearing, heavy  music listening numbers guy who goes against the banks and housing industry of america. Tom Hardy is cast in the prefect role to be the opposite of the main character, this sly mean man Tom Hardy nails it performance wise, this is great consultation for not getting it for mad max. Slyvester Stallone, showing he can act with the role he was born to play, it is great to see Rocky back on the silver screen and this time not fighting, he has perfect chemistry with his co-starts and director (it is a real shame Creed got over looked so much). One thing I have to say I am gutted to see Idris Elba get snubbed, he was great in Beast Of No Nations, I am not sure they looked down on it cuase it was released on netflix, I am sorry Mark Rylance, I think Idris should have your spot.(this is just opinion, I am not saying he is bad, just someone was better than him).

I think Slyvester should win this as I thought he was believable and honest an performance.

The academy I think will either go with Christian Bale.


Best Leading Actress

Nominations- Jennifer Lawrence (Joy)- Brie Larson (Room)- Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn)- Charlotte Rampling (45 years)- Cate Blanchett (Carol)

I have not seen Charlotte Rampling in the 45 years, I am sure she is great but I not sure I can take her into account. Jennifer Lawrence is back in the gold case which seem to be an annual thing for her, I have heard she is great in Joy and could be one of the favourites. Lucky I am not reading this because I won’t have a clue how to pronounce Saoirse, I have great things of her in Brooklyn but I have not yet manage to watch her. Brie Larson really had the chance to show off her acting ability here, she nailed it, how she was with young star Jacob Tremblay was believable as the caring mother doing the best for her child and protecting him form what is happening

I really hope Brie walks away the winner.

Yet the academy might just go with the powerhouse that is Jennifer Lawrence.

Winner- Jennifer Lawrence


Best Supporting Actor

Nominations- Eddie Redmayne (Danish Girl)- Matt Damon (The Martian)- Bryan Cranston (Trumbo)- Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant)- Michael Fessbender (Steve Jobs)

What a heavyweight clash this is. first off one thing I have to say is the Eddie Redmayne had great connection on screen with Alica Vikander without them two performances The Danish Girl would of just been mah, so almost deserves it just by helping carrying the film. talking about carrying the film Matt Demon hit this out of the park, as the charming and lovable astronaut stuck on Mars, without his performance being as good as it was we not of cared as much as we did, hoping if he was going to makes it back or even survive. Michael Fessbender has been given a lot of praise over the true why he played Steve Jobs as an egoistical power hungry man that was not as nice as people think, it was nothing like the very watered down version that ashton kucher played a while back. Bryan Cranston as Dalton Trumbo seems like the perfect casting move, as the screen writer that got hounded for his political beliefs, seeing this talented man get treated the way he did because his beliefs, Cranston made the best of the script showing off his wide range of acting skills very comedic lines to the dramatic monologues. Next is the man almost every body wants to win and that is Leo, he has been overlooked many a times over the years, now he is making them take notice (with the best acting crawling I have ever seen) Leonardo showcases the need and struggle to survive the harsh environment just to get vengeance, the stuff he did just to make this as authentic as possible is crazy, now the academy must take notice. We don’t want another Peter O’Toole on your hands.

I think the overall winner is going DiCaprio (maybe about time for him)


Best Picture

Nominations- Bridge Of Spies- Mad Max: Fury Road- The Revenant- Brooklyn-The Big Short- The Martian- Room- Spotlight

Last but not least, best picture, I would love to see most of these films take away the award as I am a fan of them all, if you take everything into account some overall are better than overs for example the design and sound of the revenant are better than Brooklyn, then you could argue they are totally different films, it could just keep going back and forth, how I am going to do it is take everything into account, to see what the best would be. Now this is just my opinion, what the hell do I know I am just a fan of film properly given out rubbish thoughts. I do think all the films nominated do deserve to be there and have a great chance of winning.

Winner- The Revenant


That ends my prediction, as you can properly tell I am most likely going to be wrong a lot but hey that’s part of the fun, or I could turn around and have them all right which would be great!

If you want to see or hear more of my ideas (why wouldn’t you?) then follow me twitter @cjgreen7 to see if I was right when the time comes, thanks for reading, maybe I will catch you again sometime, Bye.




Caught in the cast…

Recently I made a Tweet (By the way I am worth the follow) about True Detective and who I thought should be cast in season three. I had great feedback on my suggestions.

Wordpress- karl urban Wordpress- Sam Rockwell

Karl Urban and Sam Rockwell! I thought these two mixed with the grit of the True Detective world would be a really good match. There could be many options to play with these actors, Urban could be a family man with a dark side? or Rockwell could play anything because he can actually play anything! (Because he is just a great actor).

This got me thinking about other casting choices I would pick for films. One that got me really excited is the rumour going around that Marvel wants to bring in Spider-man into the MCU. Even though I like Andrew Garfield as Spider-man it just wouldn’t make sense that his Spider-man fits into the Marvel universe? so a theory circling the internet recently is that IF! (that is a big if) Spider-man joins the Avengers line up it would be the Miles Morales incarnation of the web slinger.


As you can see this version of spider man is different, this rumour got me thinking who would be good to play Miles, I thought this over in a geek way and because of my loyalty to Community I couldn’t look past Donald Glover

Donald Glover spider-man

To be honest with you! I think this would be a great casting choice! (defiantly over Jaden Smith!) this is were Glover could flex his acting muscles, this will also let him keep his quirky humour that will suit the spider man character!

I know I properly thinking way to much about this kind of thing! but hey! it’s fun too speculate right? like everyone is talking about who should play Doctor Strange since Joaquin Phoenix negotiations are over.

Personally I would just love to see Benedict Cumberbatch in the Marvel universe playing the sorcerer supreme but this rumour has died down lately, with this Ethan Hawke has been mentioned and I totally agree, everything I have seen him in, he has but in a good performance. Wordpress- Ethan Hawke

With all the rumours about who is going to be part of the Marvel Universe, I decided to think of the actors and to play these parts

First one would be Captain Marvel she has been mentioned recently, I then put two and two together and got Sarah Michelle Gellar, Since Joss Whedon is all over the MCU and he likes to use people he knows… I thought Sarah Michelle Gellar could be Captain Marvel.


Now this is just my thoughts! obviously this is not true and are many issues to think of is SMG to old to play captain marvel? would they want to do with someone younger? this all depends on the people that get paid to make these decisions. If they do want to go with a younger actress then my I suggest a kick ass Emily Blunt??

With other mentions of Wonder Man (Maybe he is the one that could die, cause he does a lot) I know it is an easy choice to cast Sean Bean to be cast as wonder man cause he also died a lot! but I think again based the ages of the character Clive Owen could be a decent choice to play Wonder man?

wonder_man_dammit__color_comp__by_dharmajon-d6rqzuz Wordpress- clive owen

Iron Fist is not the first super hero to pop in your head when it comes to marvel but he apparently he is going to be in the Netfilx gang with Daredevil and Luke Cage, maybe the popular Charlie Hunnam could take a shot at playing a super hero as his work on TV has been great, or maybe he is becoming to big to play this type of hero? who knows?

Iron-Fist-(Earth-1610) MV5BMjE5NjE5Mzk2MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODI5MDE1Ng@@._V1._SY209_CR4,0,140,209_

Next I am going to talk about one of my new favourite super heroes…Black Panther! at first I turned to one of favourite actors to play him and that would be Idris Elba because he already can do and African accent due to his work on Mandela, I highly doubt this would happen though to my disappoint. So I was thinking who can hold a film and do a great job at it? Chiwetel Ejiofor that’s who! his work on 12 years a slave has great!, this had lead me to think he can do a great job at playing the king Wakanda!

blackpanther-thumb-547x424-55761 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Let me know what you think who should who and if you agree, Thanks for reading!