Moving On…

This is my first blog post for a long time! ( well in fact the first one this year) it has been a crazy end of the year!

The end of the year saw me finish and pass my long awaited apprenticeship (which I think I passed with flying colours) I have to say the modules was hard at times (even though I did lie my way through it for the best part) I am glad to say that my hard work did pay off, I did have great support form everyone at Cyfle ( that’s the company I did my apprenticeship with by the way)

With the end of the modules and the crying meant that my time at the company I was with had to end too! I had an amazing time at Orchard! Yes I was gutted I had to leave but hey that what happens, they gave me a great foothold that can help further myself in this career choice, the experience I have gained was just nothing I though would happen! (Please check my other post for more in depth detail… I am saying that just because I could do with more views…we have all been there… I think) I would like to thank everyone there at Orchard for a great time.

Now every has settled down, I am now testing the waters and trying to catch a media job that I worked hard to try and get, this is not as easy as I thought! (Well it wasn’t going to be easy anyway) I am asking around for work experience to help advance my chances (So hopefully this will)

We will see what the future holds! I may have to take a break for media just to make a little bit of money? I can accept that! Saying that I do have a ton load of ideas I want write down and try to make (maybe the idea list maybe a whole different post)

until next time then…


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