Caught in the cast…

Recently I made a Tweet (By the way I am worth the follow) about True Detective and who I thought should be cast in season three. I had great feedback on my suggestions.

Wordpress- karl urban Wordpress- Sam Rockwell

Karl Urban and Sam Rockwell! I thought these two mixed with the grit of the True Detective world would be a really good match. There could be many options to play with these actors, Urban could be a family man with a dark side? or Rockwell could play anything because he can actually play anything! (Because he is just a great actor).

This got me thinking about other casting choices I would pick for films. One that got me really excited is the rumour going around that Marvel wants to bring in Spider-man into the MCU. Even though I like Andrew Garfield as Spider-man it just wouldn’t make sense that his Spider-man fits into the Marvel universe? so a theory circling the internet recently is that IF! (that is a big if) Spider-man joins the Avengers line up it would be the Miles Morales incarnation of the web slinger.


As you can see this version of spider man is different, this rumour got me thinking who would be good to play Miles, I thought this over in a geek way and because of my loyalty to Community I couldn’t look past Donald Glover

Donald Glover spider-man

To be honest with you! I think this would be a great casting choice! (defiantly over Jaden Smith!) this is were Glover could flex his acting muscles, this will also let him keep his quirky humour that will suit the spider man character!

I know I properly thinking way to much about this kind of thing! but hey! it’s fun too speculate right? like everyone is talking about who should play Doctor Strange since Joaquin Phoenix negotiations are over.

Personally I would just love to see Benedict Cumberbatch in the Marvel universe playing the sorcerer supreme but this rumour has died down lately, with this Ethan Hawke has been mentioned and I totally agree, everything I have seen him in, he has but in a good performance. Wordpress- Ethan Hawke

With all the rumours about who is going to be part of the Marvel Universe, I decided to think of the actors and to play these parts

First one would be Captain Marvel she has been mentioned recently, I then put two and two together and got Sarah Michelle Gellar, Since Joss Whedon is all over the MCU and he likes to use people he knows… I thought Sarah Michelle Gellar could be Captain Marvel.


Now this is just my thoughts! obviously this is not true and are many issues to think of is SMG to old to play captain marvel? would they want to do with someone younger? this all depends on the people that get paid to make these decisions. If they do want to go with a younger actress then my I suggest a kick ass Emily Blunt??

With other mentions of Wonder Man (Maybe he is the one that could die, cause he does a lot) I know it is an easy choice to cast Sean Bean to be cast as wonder man cause he also died a lot! but I think again based the ages of the character Clive Owen could be a decent choice to play Wonder man?

wonder_man_dammit__color_comp__by_dharmajon-d6rqzuz Wordpress- clive owen

Iron Fist is not the first super hero to pop in your head when it comes to marvel but he apparently he is going to be in the Netfilx gang with Daredevil and Luke Cage, maybe the popular Charlie Hunnam could take a shot at playing a super hero as his work on TV has been great, or maybe he is becoming to big to play this type of hero? who knows?

Iron-Fist-(Earth-1610) MV5BMjE5NjE5Mzk2MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODI5MDE1Ng@@._V1._SY209_CR4,0,140,209_

Next I am going to talk about one of my new favourite super heroes…Black Panther! at first I turned to one of favourite actors to play him and that would be Idris Elba because he already can do and African accent due to his work on Mandela, I highly doubt this would happen though to my disappoint. So I was thinking who can hold a film and do a great job at it? Chiwetel Ejiofor that’s who! his work on 12 years a slave has great!, this had lead me to think he can do a great job at playing the king Wakanda!

blackpanther-thumb-547x424-55761 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Let me know what you think who should who and if you agree, Thanks for reading!


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