Part of the Community: reason why I am glad Community is back!

From this you would tell that I am a huge community fan, for people who don’t know what community is, well it has to be one of the best comedies around but it got cancelled, I know that doesn’t sound convincing but it wasn’t cancelled because it was bad or a rubbish show it was cancelled because of viewing figures (like everything in america) I don’t know why it wasn’t get the viewing figures (I know it doesn’t sound convincing still but believe me it is really good) maybe effort was put into more “reliable” comedies, by effort what I mean is promoting and adverts, even the cast tried really hard via twitter to promote the show.

lucky for yahoo has now picked up community form NBC to stream on the internet (which is great because the internet is a whole new playing field and less curl than TV) this is obviously great news for their loyal fans (and hopefully for future fans that could get into the show)

What makes community stand out form the other “generic” american comedies is that it is much more thoughtful and is head and shoulders smarter than the others (Some could say “ow but big bang is clever because they are scientist… that’s not what I meant…shut up)

What I do mean they first the dialogue and jokes are more original then the millionth dick joke in two and a half men or the fat jokes in mike and molly (which is still going strong…well I am not sure about mike and molly but who cares) Community use of meta humour is the best I have seen used in a comedy series!

This is also due to the great

Community strength is the way they do visual comedy better than the others around (also including you big bang) they find a way to change up something you seen a million times and this is what makes this stand out (with help of abed that helps explain it along the way as a helper of the viewer) also stories behind the characters the best example is when abed (a character in the show) plays out his own story in the background when he befriends a pregnant women then through the episode you see the story playout then towards the end of the episode he ends up delivering the baby all in the background of the story, another example that I totally missed at first and even the second time is again meta humour but this is through the whole series of community it occurs when one of characters says beetlejuice for the third time in series as it is muttered an extra wearing a beetlejuice outfit casually walks past.

This is also helped by the great writing of the show especially Dan Harmon but the execution of his words by the brilliantly cast actors who are Joe Mchale as Jeff, Allison Brie as Annie, Danni Pudi as the brilliant abed, Donald Glover (no relation to Danny) as Troy (who has one of the best bromances ever caught on camera with abed) Gillan Jacobs as Britta, Yvette Nicole Brown as the motherly Shirley and then Chavy Chase as Pierce but also look out for the supporting cast to steal the show like the oscar winning Jim Rash and the brilliant Ken Jong.

There is brilliant video on visual comedy that is a must much on vimeo (because it is on vimeo you can tell someone took the effort to actually make this) here is the link

Community also has the balls to experiment maybe this was because they where on the verge of being cancelled that they just said F*** they hate us anyway lets do it, this is where community blossomed because (this is a great list)

  • Zombie holloween episode
  • Christmas clay animation
  • A musical episode
  • A episode all in a video game (that is really awesome)
  • Puppets
  • floor lava
  • ass crack bandit/the law and order meta episode
  • six different timelines
  • the emperor chang episodes
  • And the best of all… the best of all the paint ball episode

I am also most likely forgetting some but these are the ones that I have enjoyed the most and now I can now we can look forward to more form this crazy world.


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