Night At The Museum !

Yesterday I was working at Cardiff museum (I have never been there before yesterday and I have to say it is a lovely place) at an event hosted by the company Airbus (I think) and the first half of the day was speakers coming in to talk to children and try and get them interested in science, one talker was named doctor Lewney (yea that was his real name…bit of a weird one) who played electric guitar to use that as an example to show off science! or to show off?! another speaker was something to do with rivers and the other gave his life story and the last one was a science rapper (yes a rapper) and he did a set of him rapping about the sun and other science subjects.

During the talks my job was to mic all the speakers up ready to go on to the stage (the museum has a real nice theatre section) I was kind of nervous before every speaker went on to talk because I was worried that the equipment wouldn’t work (even though I checked it like four times) but to my relief they all worked, I also had other jobs helping with the cameras and running things about, after what was I thought not a bad set of speakers, the senior crew of orchard abandoned us to go and film Gareth Bale for the Cardiff euro 2020 bid and to be honest I would of dumped and run to for the chance for that! (I am really gutted I didn’t get to go)

So this left me one camera man (Neil) and production assistant (Prys) all on our lonesome for the repeat performance of the speakers. I have to say we nailed it this was a different kind of deal the second time around, we needed to get reactions of the kids and some different variation of shots of the speakers, was all over the place helping with equipment and giving out shot ideas just being helpful, once the mourning we could just sit and eat while we waited for the main event.

during the down time we found out Doctor Who was filming in the museum too, I was tempted to go and try and blend in with the crew and sneak about! (it’s safe to say I did not do that)

The night came and we gained our senior staff form the Gareth Bale shoot (which went really well…still gutted I didn’t go!) so this night event is a dinner for big wigs to mingle and drink free champagne, most of the just were politicians and business men all wearing tailored suits and fancy bowties (I felt slightly under dressed in my jeans and orchard polo shirt) my next job was to assist the camera man with a portal light (and trying to blind all the big wigs) I also keeping track of the guest that we haven’t filmed yet and trying to spot the guests having discussion about art. (Ow yeah and trying to find fancy looking shots!)

Once the guest finished bottles of free champagne they headed down to the theatre area (joined by students) where they had a guest speaker in Doctor Roberts, she has been on a lot of documentaries, one of her documentaries I watched in college while studying that genre (it was called the journey of us on the BBC) after what I thought was a great lecture/talk the Q and A started and my job was run about with the Mic so they could ask questions (my mic skills were amazing…so good I could be a rapper…ok maybe not)

The end of the talk was to signal the start of their fancy dinner this gave us a chance to go and get a bit to eat ourselves (which was a lovely pizza…that was paid on petty cash!) after the launch my next job was to help carry stuff and set up the awesome looking rig which I had play with and it was class!

Overall I had a great experience at this event really hands on with equipment so I am just looking forward to more


Storytelling: A Disney/Pixar Perspective

great tips!

Lynette Noni

My amazing publishers, Pantera Press, uploaded a post the other day titled: Pixar’s 22 Rules for Great Storytelling. Some of the ‘rules’ are so inspirational that I just have to share them with you all. (And, hey, you know how much I love anything even remotely Disney-related!).

You can click on the link above to read the entire post (and see where all the info comes from). Otherwise, enjoy these true storytelling gems! My favourites are numbers 6, 13 and (especially) 19. Have a read and let me know which ones you like best!


Aren’t they awesome? I certainly think so!

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Thanks again (as always) for reading!

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In Your Eyes

I Loved this film worth a watch

Films and Things

In-Your-Eyes_web_CSIn Your Eyes follows two people who have never met but fall in love when they realise their bizarre psychic connection. Although living totally opposite lives, both Rebecca (Zoe Kazan) and Dylan (Michael Stahl-David) have been connected since they were kids, experiencing inexplicable feelings and hearing each others voices, seemingly in their minds. When they finally realise that they are both two very real people, the pair strike up a relationship and both are able to escape their less than satisfying lives.

In the digital age, the prospect of falling in love with someone you’ve never met is sadly not that far fetched and is a theme that’s being explored more and more in romantic movies. In Your Eyes does in-your-eyes-main-reviewsomething very similar to Spike Jonze‘s Her except in this case both people are actually real. However because of the reliance on a weird, inexplicable and…

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Photo Shooting

Yesterday I went on my first photo-shoot, to be honest I was expecting the norm with us just filming little segments of the product but to my surprise it wasn’t.

The product was from a company called Airbus, they specialise in emergency services equipment such as the police walky talky things (I don’t know what they are really called)

The models (who were lovely people by the way) where from this agency where they are extras for shows like casualty and many many shows like that, they looked like the real police all the right equipment, even the students at the atrium university thought they were real (That’s where the first shoot was if you didn’t clock that) so everything was set to do the shoot but my first job of the day was to defend all valuables while they went outside to shoot, so there I was like a rabid dog defending the equipment, lucky for me they wasn’t long but I did make a friend in a student who does animation (or was it graphic design)

After the police shoot in the uni we moved to a more urban place in Cardiff which turned out to be under a bridge near the Hilton, this time we were taking photos with covert (Undercover) equipment which to my disappointment was nothing like the movies apart from the ear piece part (Which was cool, I wanted to have a go safe to say I wasn’t allowed) so my next job was kind of something along the lines of costume department because I help assemble the vest (which was a pain) and other little bits of equipment onto the new model who was Calvin (who again was a great guy)

This time I was a bit more hands on by helping with lens which my I add were huge for photos (I am sure one was as long as my head…and I have a big head)

I got to say I really enjoyed my first photo-shoot and I was with a great team of people that gave me good advice and hopefully I can go out again next Monday to do my second photo shoot.