Something About Rugby?

Yesterday I was working at the beautiful millennium stadium, I didn’t know much about what I was filming apart it was a similar job as I did at the arts and business awards (Zoomer and focuser).

I arrived at the stadium, after the security check and signing in process I went up to the Presidents lounge, which was a good looking room and they managed to sneak in a full blown bar into the room (I am guessing it was the first requirement).

I was setting up my camera into to it’s position and then linking all the cables together so that the HUB can get a live stream form my camera, then I noticed the employees at the stadium were placing jars full of sweets onto the tables, I clocked the jars contained wine gums…I love wine gums! so this provided as huge distraction as I was planning how to get some without anyone noticing!

Once I had my free bacon roll (they didn’t offer me egg… they hated me!) we ran final checks on the equipment, after about ten minutes people started to arrive and sit at the tables.

Only when the first speaker was talking that I knew for sure it was something to do with rugby.

The whole thing was a staff conference for the WRU (Wales Rugby Union), so after the introduction of what was to come the first speaker came on to talk all about how welsh rugby was doing or something along the lines of that, the other was HR which I think everybody found boring and not just me. one thing I found funny from one power point one was called top threats, it listed the threats of WRU, the top one was Football which I don’t blame them it’s a much better sport! (sorry rugby fans but go support your club)

Lucky for me a coffee break came along after a long power point so this gave me a chance to sit down, I had a chance to look over the schedule for the rest of the day, one name stood out at me, I asked a fellow colleague “why does the name Warren Gatland sound familiar” he looked at me confused and said “he is the welsh coach” this didn’t help picture but I understood who he was (while this conversion happened, it turns out he was getting his mic attached not far away form me)

We got back under way, there was a lot more presentations on the new pitch at the stadium, one was also was for the update on premiership rugby (I didn’t even know they had Premiership).

The main event started with Warren Gatland, which was a Q and A session with him, for this I had to mix between mid shots, close ups and then a two shot of warren and the interviewer, to any huge rugby fan this q and a might of been awesome because he was discussing like a lot of rugby things but for me it was over my head and his words fell on deaf ears.

Warren’s interview was the last thing so after that we packed up and left what I think was a successful job, only thing I left thinking was why couldn’t it be football!


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