Arts And Business Awards 2014

Last Friday the stage was set at the Wales millennium Centre for the 21st Arts And Business Awards.

The stage of the WMC had all their fancy ware out and looked like they spared no expense (I think, I couldn’t tell) the tables was set out with two forks and three knifes (Don’t ask I don’t get why). the flowers were the centre piece of the tables big and fancy looking things, they ended up being a bane of the technical crew by blocking the view of the screens. Also the goody bags were filled with odds and ends (Including a lovely looking Orchard mug, we like to contribute) including chicken liver patte and a teddy bear (I had a nose).

I wasn’t there for fun, I was there to help out and work. My job at first was to help set up, this included running cables and placing the cameras in the position they are meant to be. Once everything was in place the testing of the equipment began, after lunch (which I had a Subway paid for me) we ran more test on the equipment and ironed out the creases.

Next came the rehearsal, this was our chance to get the pace of the event, my job for the rest of the night was to sit in my second tier nest like a hawk, I had to make sure I got the winners and presenters while they were walking up to the stage by zooming in on them and making sure the camera was ok on focus (I nailed it, just to let you know)

An hour after the rehearsal the time came for the real thing, people started to roll in and eat their dinner (which looked tiny portion) and settle at the tables and celebrities were all present (I say celebrity but I didn’t know most of them, one was that welsh opera gut who has been milking the x factor thing for years, the guy who won that show on BBC once to be the next Jason Donovan, a artist of some sort, someone who pretended to be a doctor or a nurse, someone who was on changing rooms a long time ago and I have forgotten the rest).

The event started with a circus act, the act was a women rope dancing (that’s a thing) everyone seemed to enjoy it but I couldn’t see it as I was up in my nest, the music started and the presenters come out and did their thing.

The night ran smoothly and without hitches and the team I was with were the best and it was the great experience


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