Completing Units

This is my first post for a while on WordPress, not because I am lazy, it’s more like I have been busy as a bee behind on his honey quota.

For the past two weeks I have been back at good old Cyfle working on my units, which I need to complete to finish my apprenticeship wand to gain the qualification AIM (the bad guys off Iron Man) and creative skillset are offering.

Working on these units takes me back to the days of college (college was a lot more fun!).

I worked on five units during the two weeks (also a course to make my own business) the five are:

  • Awareness of employment in the media sector
  • Health and safety
  • Work in interactive media
  • prepare assets
  • Design Development

Some of these are not at all interesting… I let you guess which ones.

After a lot of hard work I completed them, then they would get marked and come back to me basically saying ‘my god! your grammar is disgusting’ (just to but it out there they really didn’t say this…exactly)

After working and many, many drafts I am glad to say that I completed all the units that I needed to do!

Now I have my in work units to work on…how lovely.



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