Writing Opportunities?

I have always been interested in writing, I just like to tell my own stories the way I would like to hear them and hopefully how other people hear them.

Recently I have had more motivation to write then any other time in the last year or so, I can honestly say that I don’t know where this has come from!

it all started with me seeing a online series that is starting up, I liked the concept of the series so I emailed the makers saying can I have a chance to write a mini episode or a whole episode, so they got back in touch asking to see examples, so I sent them a script of the comedy I wrote with my friend called ‘Career Choices’ then I decided to write a mini episode for them which I sent so they could see my style in what I could do for them and the general style of writing , still waiting for a reply off the them.

following me writing a little mini episode for them, I decided to write an idea I have had for a while, so after hours on end writing my idea I have now completed it, it comes to over 70+ pages and just over nine thousand words, they say a page is a minute but I know if this was ever made it would not just be seventy minutes  because their are parts that are longer that the words can explain along with pauses ( that’s if anyone reads it and wants to make it, which would be awesome). I am very optimistic about this project I am not sure why! but I just am, while I was writing it I never hit a wall, it just felt really natural writing it!. Following my optimism I submitted it to BBC writersroom classed as a film script. (I seen the success stories they include and most of the ones entered have had BAFTA wins and nominations) so hopefully it can be successful! fingers-crossed!

What does the future hold for my new found confidence in writing?… who knows! I would to update and carry on the comedy series with my friend, I also have many new ideas I want to write up such as a project I am calling ‘Collecting Collectables’ or my really dark superhero idea or my ‘Killer Queen’ idea (that involves a drag queen murderer) so I have plenty ideas to write and plan, the question is will I have enough time? or will I even write them? or the biggest one… will they be any good!?


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