A Update.

This post is a update of what is going and what I will hopefully be doing.

First thing orchard are now involved in making videos to help Wales bid (along with UK of course) to host the euro 2020 finals, they are making videos to help get the millennium stadium as one of the stadiums to be used, along with this video a small part of the production crew are going out to Madrid to film Mr Gareth Bale, unfortunately I am not part of the small team! but this may be a chance for me to edit the interview? its a good chance!

The best news for me though is that orchard told me that they are setting up a Youtube channel where they are posting live gigs, this is where they told me I would be in charge of this channel where I would go out to the gigs film them myself, edit them the next day and then upload them. This is a great chance for me to get experiences and work experience. I am looking forward to this chance when it comes along!


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