Off And Running

I know I haven’t updated this in a while the truth is that I have been quite busy with me starting at Orchard between starting early and getting home late and the amount of training and odd jobs I have been doing.

during my first week I was whisked off to the ITV studios in Cardiff to help assist with an educational video for businesses by the Welsh government this lasted two days where I gave my helping hand about the place and the casual tea runs (I make lovely tea).

Other job have been doing is sticking labels on envelops and then putting Tom Jones tickets in the right envelops, I know its not the most exciting part of the job but these jobs have to be done by somebody and it gave me a chance to catch up on my Spotify music, I ended up doing over ten batches which adds up to just under fifty tickets per batch or just over I am not really sure.

I have arranged a trip to Paris for my boss, wrote out scripts of promo videos that had to go out on 4OD, which also inculded compressing. along some location research and sourcing images for how to videos which was quite fun

One great thing I have been doing is sitting on editing sessions with a guy called Trevor who has taught me a lot such as how avid works and all technical mumbo jumbo that does with editing, we did videos for the goverment again, to the AA promos to the new advert for Rhydian (that welsh guy that was X factor or something like that) to that choir that one that show once on BBC about choirs, yet I have learnt a lot by doing these videos and hopefully learn a lot more to come



  1. haridasgowra · March 17, 2014

    good post…………#wordpress!

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