New Company New Start!

As from the 3rd of March I will be become a branch of the production team at Orchard, this will be a brand new chance at a new company after the Made TV fiasco.

As part of the production team I have been told that i would have many opportunities to self shoot (While also being part of a big production team) and even my favourite I could have a chance to self direct (If I am lucky) along with me even editing in their brand new editing suite (Which is avid software) so this holy trinity is a great chance for me to gain experience in three thing i really enjoy! so this is a huge stepping stone for me and what I want to achieve personally.

What i will be filming and working on will be their upcoming YouTube channel along with gigs at Cardiff castle and other locations around Wales these places include the familiar Pontypridd for their big weekend which they organise themselves and where it all started for me Merthyr for their Merthyr Rocks where i will be working at with Orchard (And hopefully a friendly face well i say friendly) and i just hope this is just a start of a very busy summer for me and the start of something big!


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