Past Experiences

Me and friend Richard made this video for Edexcel extended project, at first this was not our first choice, the first choice was a terrible script we wrote with another group member but once the other group member left I decided to scrap the script and start a new so I came in on my days off to write the script and mess around with ideas and generally just play around in my own head to come up with ideas and also past experiences to help me out, once i wrote the main arc of the story and where it was going my partner looked at it corrected all my spelling and grammar (Which took him a while, i am really shit at that stuff, if you can’t tell during this blog) he also added ideas and his own twists to what will become… and i quote “The best script Merthyr College has ever seen” (We didn’t let this get to our heads *cough* multi award winning) but after working so hard to try and get the locations and actors to film this on what was a non existent budget and everyones enemy time fighting us we had to put our baby on the back shelve for another day.

So with all our energy wasted on something that was not going to happen our tutor sent us outside what was a loud hectic classroom at times to the pace and quite of the college’s library, here we we wrote the video you see above in two days (It was basically us just pissing around and saying “f*ck thats not a bad idea stick it in”) it was filled with references to classic and our favourite films (as you will see) the day came to film and my partner slept late so it wasn’t a great start but he came in and since it was suppose to be both of us staring in the video (which wasn’t what we wanted but hey…nailed it!) he refused to act so this was a problem we solved by bringing in our fellow classmate Arwyn who played Richard and me as myself.

As we had one day to get this filmed we time at our throats so we powered through completing what was a great day filming (where me and Richard shared directing and him doing all the camera work) with the brilliant rocky montage and the Indiana Jones fight scene, we also had a chance to improvise such as the 180 line (which is rule you must not break otherwise the whole of the media world will hate you, so generally we took the piss) and some other little bits such as the hands on the key board and the throwing the ball around (also spitting of the water).

Once the filming was complete we then moved on to editing which Richard done excellently well accompanied by my great advice. we run into a look of problems and we hit them like a wall, following the rendering time which added had to be over 3 hours (a rough estimate) during this time we took lunch breaks and romantic walks alongside the river. The problem that brought out Richards inner editor was when we found out that we had to censor (which was no surprise) which in time took a long time but in time it was done and our rushed project turned out better than we ever imagined (And would won plenty of awards at the annual Merthyr Tydfil College awards…if they didn’t scrap our categories!).


New Company New Start!

As from the 3rd of March I will be become a branch of the production team at Orchard, this will be a brand new chance at a new company after the Made TV fiasco.

As part of the production team I have been told that i would have many opportunities to self shoot (While also being part of a big production team) and even my favourite I could have a chance to self direct (If I am lucky) along with me even editing in their brand new editing suite (Which is avid software) so this holy trinity is a great chance for me to gain experience in three thing i really enjoy! so this is a huge stepping stone for me and what I want to achieve personally.

What i will be filming and working on will be their upcoming YouTube channel along with gigs at Cardiff castle and other locations around Wales these places include the familiar Pontypridd for their big weekend which they organise themselves and where it all started for me Merthyr for their Merthyr Rocks where i will be working at with Orchard (And hopefully a friendly face well i say friendly) and i just hope this is just a start of a very busy summer for me and the start of something big!

Working For Cyfle

After a lot of polictics and financial issues with Made TV i am now working for Cyfle on thier quest to get more level 3 apprenticships in creative and digital media (which means post-production and camera work, along with many other roles) i have also got some previous with this scheme because i applied and didn’t get it (no hard feelings)

I am making some promo videos for Cyfle to help gain interest in the scheme, I will be co running their Tumblr site then we will be handing it to the successful level 3 to take over as their platform to show off.

I am also making the updates on their website such as adding the logos, posters and information regarding the apprenticeship (This is after they liked my mock WordPress account and the ideas i showed off)

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”*…

(Roughly) Daily


The Superbowl is past. so now our collective anticipation can shift to the Academy Awards…  by way of getting into the spirit, Nelson Carvajal‘s supercut of every winner of the Visual Effects Oscar since that category was (re)introduced in 1977:

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* Arthur C. Clarke


As we ponder perspective, we might recall that it was on this date in 1980, on the TV series That’s Incredible, that Cal Tech graduate Fred Newman dueled at the free throw line with the NBA’s all-time best free throw shooter, Rick Barry.  Barry won the contest, but Newman sank 88 straight– while blindfolded.

Without the blindfold, Newman has made 1,481 consecutive free throws, far short of St. Martin’s Guinness record of 5,221. But he did set a record for most free throws made in a 24-hour period, soldiering on to sink 20,371 even after the skin…

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