Article Tasks

This week I have been handed a task form Made TV, the task is to “Produce a treatment and (partial?) execution for one or more of the following: 1.Article on a sports club in Cardiff 2.Article on a local pub and 3.Article on a retail outlet within in the area.”

This task once completed will be but up online (that’s what I have been told anyway) The task I am going to try is to write about a sports team lets face it…they say write what you know.


Da Vinci Moment!

For a task earlier this month I had to produce a paper prototype and a wire frame of an internet TV advert for a product called Pomiana that is a new health drink. When I was trying to come up with an idea, I thought what the hell could I do with pomegranate? I was stumped for a while but then I remembered Da Vinci experimented on pomegranates by throwing them and when they broke and the seeds went everywhere and that gave him the idea of making a grenade. I know its weird taking inspiration form this but it sparked an idea of using an interactive pomegranate (believe me it gets better) the audience can smash the pomegranate then each individual seed that breaks out includes content such as videos etc when clicked on, I also linked this idea with everyone’s own ideas

Nearing The End!

This week is the the last time all nine of the apprentices will be together for the last time (I think) at Cyfle. Me and another four apprentices are staying behind at Cyfle (Not cause we are bad or anything just to do task set by our companies that we have to do from Cyfle) while the others go off with their companies. I will be given a research task to do for a series Made TV are making about cold cases in Cardiff and i will be doing a researcher job, this will apparently inculde me working with the police (not sure what they didn’t give much details).