Anonymous Letter!

On an early Saturday I found out that someone sent an anonymous letter about the press release about the level 4 apprenticeship with Cyfle in the Aberdare Leader. The letter started saying congrats to me on getting an apprenticeship with BBC Wales…First of all that is wrong but i was like ok thats nice they said well done but then they went on to say that my grandparents lived in Rhigos and my other set lived in Penywaun…Which they do well done to the writer getting that right. The next thing on the letter was to say that I was not from Aberdare but I quote “A Penywaun Man” in fairness this is also true but I dont think 2 miles makes a difference in this case.

The next part of the letter amused me and made me chuckle, they went on to say that my father Chris was an “Accomplished center half and captain of Penywaun FC”… I asked my father two questions as he ever captain his reply was a simple no, the next questions was have you been accomplished center half? his reply was yes but I have heard stories not backing that answer.

After they said that about my father they said I had a famous referee uncle…No I dont have a famous uncle that was a ref…he was a ref in the Aberdare football league…that’s it… if he is famous for that then i must be Gareth Bale compared to him!, This upset my mother that she was not mentioned in this letter but to be honest i wouldn’t blame them (only joking my mother is lovely)

To be honest I feel quite humbled that someone (I still dont know who) cared enough to send in a letter ( like come on…use E-mail…catch up with the times) but in all seriousness I did feel humbled to see that and I am glad I have a fan out there somewhere…that knows so much about my family…Yeah Thanks!


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