Finally Seen My Gummy Bears!

Last night I finally witnessed a piece of my work on TV…I have to admit i was proud to see it…even though its not my best bit of work or the biggest.

As i sat there watching my 20 second plus ident I thought ‘Wow thats my idea and my work on TV’ it was hard to take in at first cause i knew in my head it could of been done better and was making corrections in my head while watching it.

I am really grateful for Cyfle and S4C for giving me this chance, there was a time when i was close to giving up on media for many different reason’s but I had some good conversions with some good people and sat down and made a list of what i wanted to happen and now I can cross off one item on the list “Getting My Work On TV” even though its not what i thought it would be but I am glad and proud to cross off it off.


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