Editing In Welsh!

Editing in Welsh for me was always going to be a tricky challenge for since I do not speak the language but to overcome this challenge I acquired the help of the very helpful Ben Palit who speaks the language fluently.

Ben would help me by looking at my English cut of ‘Behind The Scenes At Cyfle’ to see how I first edited it and what the interviews say in English, then he would come in and put in’s and out’s for me on the clips I need so I could come in and just replace the English for Welsh, Yet another job of mine would to write down the times of the conversions for example if the bit in Welsh i needed started at 1.20.00 and lasted till 1.33.00 then I would have to write that down for the others so that they can fellow in my footsteps and edit the same interview in Welsh just because I am such a nice guy!.


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